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Worlds Best Courses

There are many aspects to a golf course that have the potential to make it great, and a survey done by Golf Digest suggests that course conditions and design are some of the things that golfers care most about while pace of play was least important. Here are some of the best courses around the world that encompass these characteristics.


Pine Valley Golf Club; Clementon, New Jersey


This is mysterious and hard to find club. It is also extremely private, and is said to be one of the worlds finest clubs. It was founded in 1913 and had 184 acres, which later expanded by 416 acres. Pine Valley is often praised for its level of challenge and conditioning on each hole. It arguable has the best collection of par fives and threes in the world. The championship tees have a slope of 155, yardage of 7057, and a par of 70.


Muirfield Village Golf Club; Gullane, Scotland, United Kingdom


Muirfield is one of the oldest golf clubs in the world, opening its doors in 1744. Many believe that this club is the best example of championship golf in all of the British Isles. Like Pine Valley Golf Club mentioned previously, it is also praised for its level of challenge and is extremely private, though it is easier to find.




Royal Melbourne Golf Club; Melbourne, Australia


This is a 36-hole (2 18-hole) course founded in 1891. It plays host to the many national and international events, like the Australian Open and the World Cup, and can seat 15,000 people. The 2 18-hole courses are named East and West, and a composite of them may be used depending on the event being held. The East course does not have many noteworthy holes, but the West does though they are not longer compared to current championship standards of par 4’s and 5’s.


Golf De Morfontaine; Senlis, Oise, France


This course was opened in 1913 when the Duke of Guiche transformed an old polo pitch into a 9-hole golf course. Morfontaine looks a lot like a course around London, with windswept pines and heather on a base of sand. But it’s tighter and the forest surrounding holes is far denser. A decade ago, American architect Kyle Phillips updated the layout, adding a new 12th green to extend the par-5.


The Links at Fancourt; George, Western Cape, South Africa


This is a rather new course, opening at the turn of the century. Its designers based it on Scottish clubs after studying them at great length, though it lacks the weather of the Scottish clubs and it is built on an old airfield. You do not have to be a member to play on the course, if you stay at the attached hotel you have a few tee times available to you.



The Benefits of Playing Golf

The Benefits of Playing Golf

Playing Golf can improve one’s physical and mental well being.

It is very Elementary that Golf have a lot of benefits in terms of one’s well being. Ranked as the tenth most popular sports in the world by Sporteology dot com, Golf was indeed not just for business and pleasure, but also to improve the well being of an individual. The main reason it became that popular worldwide is the fact the at least thirty two thousand golf courses (registered) are found worldwide, as of 2005. Golfers who loves to play this kind of sports are simply after that mental challenge and pleasant walk regardless of one’s social status, age or race.

Health Benefits

Playing golf requires stamina to be able to walk like five to seven kilometers in a single round. If you are regularly playing golf weekly or in an average basis, that would mean, you are very much getting the amount of endurance that your heart needs. Carrying golf Clubs alone and walking would mean a lot of calories you’ll get burn in each round of Golf. Main reasons why Businessman or a simple individual who wants’ to lose weight are engage into playing Golf.

Social Benefits

Playing golf is not just into health benefits, it is also a great way to meet new people. The pleasure of walking with groups of friends would be a good stress reliever and would give you the chances of meeting new people and opportunities to expand your network of connections. A lot of newly developed communities, newly established companies, and business partnership have all started with just a group of people who accidentally meet up while engage in this kind of sport.
Overall, playing golf is not just good for the heart, but also good for the body and soul. Imagine having these benefits of staying fit, meeting new friends and provide opportunities with the luxury of playing your favorite sport.