Icecream factory to Maraş from Ülker Golf
8/1/2013 / Milliyet

 The new factor of Ülker Golf will meet the 25% of the total ice cream production. 250 people will work at the factory that will be operational in 2014.

Ülker Golf General Manager Ender Buruk declared that, the second production facility will be opened this year with an investment of 75million TL in Kahramanmaraş, and this facility will meet 25% of the annual ice cream and that 250  employees will be hired.

Buruk by pointing out that, in addition to Bursa, with this investment, they will open the second production plant in Kahramanmaraş, continued as follows: "We will meet  the 25% of our production from this factory in the upcoming year. We plan to have 40 million liters of production, and to hire 250 employees. With this facility that will be operational in 2014, the total production capacity of Ülker Golf will increase to 160 million liters in 2014."

Every day 2. 5 million units
Buruk who had mentioned about the distribution networks also said “Via our sales and distribution network in 2013, with 800 vehicles and 60 distributors, 100 thousand points are being delivered.  Everyday 16 thousand points are visited. Our aim for this year is that each day we bring 2,5 million units of Golf ice cream to the consumer.”

The market of 2 billion TL
He claimed that in Turkey, in 2012, the ice cream consumption per capita was 4 liters and that the market is growing with an annual rate of 15%, and that if the market grows with a fast speed that the consumption will increase up to 8-9 liters that is the average in Europe.  Buruk disclosed that with the 4 liters ice cream consumption per capita, the market has risen up to approximately 2 billion TL,  and said: "Three years from now, we estimate that this will rise up to nearly 2.82 billion TL".

No raise this year
In response to a question on whether there will be a raise in the ice cream prices for the summer season, Buruk replied:  "Right now there will not be a price difference for the different seasons. Because, the prices are being determined at New Year time.  Price tags are being given to the stores from the beginning of the year. Prices are formed around New Year’s and do not change for the whole year. So there will not be a price difference between now and the summer”.

The goat milk fat in Karacabey
With regard to the farm established in Bursa Karacabey, Ender Buruk said:
 "In a total area of ??24 thousand square meters, we launched our goat farm that was opened to be used for the Maras-style ice cream. Currently we have 1000 goats in our farm. The farm operates with the latest technology automatic milking system."
Buruk added that the milk, that is sent to the cooling tank with this automatic milking system without human touch, was being delivered to the factory in 30 minute distance in Bursa also without human touch, and so that they provide milk from a fresh, natural and reliable source.